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Departure Template
Temporary Departure Template:

First Initial: A.
Last Name: Lincoln
Team Leader: G. Washington
Date of Departure: MM/DD/YYYY
Date of Return: MM/DD/YYYY
Purpose of leave: Family Matters
Additional Notes: During the next OP I was supposed to serve as a team leader, that role will need to be filled.

Permanent Departure Template:

First Initial: A.
Last Name:Lincoln
Team Leader:G. Washington
Date of Departure:MM/DD/YYYY
Additional Notes:I am departing from the First AFSOC; because, I need to spend more time with my new pet goldfish.


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About First AFSOC Unit

First AFSOC is not and does not claim to be a department or representative of the United States armed forces. This group is for the purposes of re-enactment, re-creation, and appreciation of the heroes of the United States Air Force.

Please contact us if you feel that a member has violated these statements.