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Application rules and formatting.
Applicants: Welcome to the First AFSOC Realism unit. Thank you for considering joining our unit. One of the first steps you take is submitting an application.
Please Fill out the following information, replacing the Blue Text With your own information. feel free to copy the text below and if you want to provide any additional information feel free to do so. DO NOT post your application as a comment, start a new thread. keep in mind this application does NOT guarantee your membership with this unit. Our unit is small and space is limited; however, we may pick your application later if an opening comes up, so please do not feel discouraged if you are not immediately invited to our Selection Process. 

Members: while the final decision on whether or not an applicant is accepted does not fall on general members of the unit, you are allowed to provide official input on someone's application. you can do this by providing a +1 or -1 vote. If you believe someone is exceptionally qualified or you have information that would make an individual unqualified please write a comment on their application. For example: "+1  Veteran of another unit, skilled in X and a friendly individual" or "-1 Very hostile player, rude, and (video link)

First Name: Roleplay First Name
Last Name: Roleplay Last Name
Age: I am 14+ Years Old
Arma 3 Player ID: MySteam64ID
Names of Previous units: 15th Army Brigade, 501 Legion, ETC...
Video samples of membership:
Why you wish to join the 1st AFSOC: I wish to join the 1st AFSOC because, 
How you found out about this unit: I found this unit...
Any additional Details you wish to provide: I just want to say.....
List the names of your friends in the unit: Bob, Joe, Tim, Robert...
Digital Signature: FirstName LastName


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About First AFSOC Unit

First AFSOC is not and does not claim to be a department or representative of the United States armed forces. This group is for the purposes of re-enactment, re-creation, and appreciation of the heroes of the United States Air Force.

Please contact us if you feel that a member has violated these statements.